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Get Basic call recorder to any phone.

Why you need a BCR (Basic call recorder)? and How to install it?

Introduction – What is Basic call recorder?

Have you ever had a phone conversation that was so hilarious, so outrageous, or so memorable that you wished you could replay it later? Or maybe you just want to have some evidence of what your boss, your ex, or your telemarketer said to you. Whatever the reason, a BCR (Basic call recorder) is the app for you!

A BCR is made with the KISS principle in mind, yeah not the kiss that you had it in your mind ?, It means Keep It Simple Stupid. It is a no nonsense medium to record your calls and I personally have used this since I upgraded from my old phone which had this feature built in but not anymore?.

Here are the Pros

  • Open-source project so no pesky third party listens to your calls.
  • Very light weight in terms of system resources.
  • It just works.

Here are some cons:

  • Requires a rooted device to function
  • The function is banned in some countries so be sure to check.

Installation Guide

And Here’s how to install it: (The main part we have been waiting for?)

  1. Go to official GitHub Page for this package.

2. Go ahead and click on the Green Code button, (It should open up a prompt like this)

3. Click on download Zip.(It should download the zip file onto your device.)

4. Now Go ahead and open up your magisk manager application on your device and click on the module section.

5. There you can see a install from storage option. Go ahead and click that option.

5. It should open up your file explorer and go ahead and select the Zip file that we downloaded.

6. Upon selecting it should start installing that zip file to our device as:

7. Go ahead and reboot to install it on your device.

8. And when you restart the device, there should be your BCR application in the applications.

Leaving note:

With a BCR, you’ll never miss a moment of your phone conversations. You’ll be able to laugh at them, learn from them. By the way, just don’t forget to inform the other party that you’re recording them, as it may be illegal in some countries or states. And don’t use it for any harmful purposes, as we‘re not responsible for any consequences.

Thank you for staying for the end, don’t have a good day, Have a Great Day. ?

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