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About me

Minimized simplicity

I love simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

I am a computer enthusiast interested in basically everything that runs on bits perpetually (Get it? ?) and just a normal person trying to get through this digital jungle of life.

Blog Posts

My blog posts are all the things that I wanted to know at some point so learned it the hard way or should I say conventional way. So, these are all the things that I learnt and know for now, but my memory is limited so This is me storing all my knowledge about life and technology.

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By the way, I also do Web Development and Flutter application development for freelancing, so feel free to contact me for sharing the idea and hopefully building cool things together✌.

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What I blog about

My Story

Yepp, that’s it, my story and cool things also?

Experiencing and enjoying digital life together. ✌